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What is Hypnobirthing?

We think this question deserves its own page!

What's the history of Hypnobirthing?

The seeds were first sown with the work of eminent obstetrician Dr.Grantly Dick-Read. After witnessing a homebirth in the slums of the London Docks in 1913, the mother refused any pain relief and then proceeded to give birth quickly and with no pain. Grantly Dick-Read was truly amazed.

The mother’s comment after giving birth when he asked why she refused the pain relief was “It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t meant to, was it, Doctor?” This experience was defining, and after a career of working on the battle field and in hospitals he theorised that fear was the overriding cause that led to the pain in childbirth. At the end of his career he wrote the book Childbirth Without Fear. He hypothesised that when you are fearful, you tense up and the natural birth process is inhibited and becomes longer and consequently more painful. Makes sense!

Over the years, his theories have been proved correct with research into how hormones work during childbirth. His principles have been further developed by a number of birth practitioners, with Hypnobirthing being the most notable and widely practised. Today, Hypnobirthing is known by every midwife in the UK and many have trained in KG Hypnobirthing, including professors of midwifery and NHS heads of midwifery. Hypnobirthing is practiced worldwide.


One of the brilliant things about Hypnobirthing is that it can benefit you, your baby and birth partners during pregnancy, birth and even after birth.

During pregnancy, your Hypnobirthing practice will help relax you - lots of people find it so relaxing that they drift off to sleep mid-practice - we'll take that as a positive sign! The sense of calm and control you can gain from it means that any fear and anxiety you may have can disappear, which can make the whole pregnancy much more enjoyable. 

If your baby is breech, Hypnobirthing can be effective in supporting your baby to turn.

Given the active role Hypnobirthing gives birth partners, lots of birth partners find that the practice during the pregnancy supports their bonding with the unborn baby - pretty amazing, right?! We often hear from clients who have found that Hypnobirthing brings them closer to their birth partner. 

We''ve mentioned 'practice' quite a lot there - don't let it put you off! As with most things, the more practice you do, the more effective Hypnobirthing can be, but 10 minutes each day is all you need. Plus, it’s all really relaxing.

I've heard there a few different Hypnobirthing methods. Which one do you teach and why?

At Parent Tribe, we teach the KG Hypnobirthing method. In fact Katharine Graves taught our Founder, Miriam, when she gained her Hypnobirthing Diploma. The Diploma is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

Miriam learnt the Marie Mongan method during her first pregnancy and, although her first birth was incredible, she decided to gain her Hypnoboirthing Diploma with KG Hypnobirthing. She felt that the Marie Mongan method was overly prescriptive and much more focused on ‘natural births’. The thing is, some people want to use pain relief during birth, or end up needing it. Some people decide to have a caesarean or end up needing one. Birth can take so many diffeent paths, and we want to prepare you for whichever path your birth takes you. The KG Hypnobirthing method not only equips you with Hypnobirthing information, it also uniquely gives you the knowledge to understand your options and the implications of the choices you make.

As well as teaching you the techniques you need for a positive, comfortable birth, it gives you the information to navigate the healthcare system in order to achieve the best outcome for you and your baby. Time and time again, clients who have done the full course say that this was one of the best aspects of the course because it really empowered them to make informed choices and feel much more in control of their baby's birth.


What birth preapration / antenatal courses do you offer?

You can find lots of information about each of our birth courses below.

When should I start a Hypnobirthing course?

Given the choice, we advise doing the course in the second trimester of your pregnancy, so any time from 20 weeks. Starting then means that you can enjoy the benefits during much more of your pregnancy as well as at the birth of your baby. The earlier you start, the longer you have to practice the all-important techniques of Hypnobirthing. If you’re further on in your pregnancy, our courses can still have an incredible impact. We’ve taught people right up to 39 and 40 weeks and they’ve gone on to have wonderful births.

It is not so much a matter of learning facts so they are fresh in your mind, but more a matter of absorbing the information so that it becomes second nature. The ‘practice’ is really relaxing and can be as simple as listening to the MP3 provided in our full courses as you go to sleep.

We're thinking of doing an NCT course. DO WE NEED TO DO both? / We can't afford to do both. HOW SHOULD WE decide WHICH birth preparation courses TO DO?

There are lots of options out there for birth preparation and antenatal courses, and we think this is a really positive thing - something for everyone. So much choice can, however, make it hard to decide which course to go for, especially when doing two courses just isn't an option for most of us due to costs.

One of the key things lots of people want from a course is to meet other parents and mothers in particular often want that network of other mothers once she's given birth - her Parent Tribe. If that's you, our Group Hypnobirthing Course is ideal.

Both our Group and Private Hypnobirthing Courses are complete antenatal courses.

Here are just a few things to consider when deciding which course is right for you, your birth partner and your baby:


    This question is a useful one for the mother and birth partner to carefully consider.
    For the mother, maybe you're really nervous about the actual birth - you're not alone! You may want to know more about the physiology of birth - what's actually going to happen to your body during birth. Or maybe you've watched a few too many episodes of One Born Every Minute and it’s made you worry. Some courses out there may cover more of the aspects that you're particularly keen to learn about. Our Group and Private Hypnobirthing Courses cover all of the above and more!
    The thing we hear time and time again is how our birth courses really give birth partners a tangible and genuinely useful role during pregnancy, birth and beyond. In some birth preparation courses, the birth partner can feel a bit left out and still not sure what they'll actually do to support and be involved during the birth - it's just absolutely not the case with our Hypnobirthing Courses!


    FInd out what the underlying principles are of each course. For our Hypnobirthing Courses, it’s about knowledge; confidence; undersatnding our choices, and be prepared for the birth, whatever path it takes.

    Our full Hypnobirthing courses are 10 hours of teaching plus the added bonus of our ongoing phone and email support throughout your pregnancy.

What is included in the courseS?

Take a look at our courses to find out what’s included in each of them.

I've read a great Hypnobirthing book. I feel really positive about the birth. Will a course really make that much of a difference?

It's great when clients start a course having read a bit about Hypnobirhting (but it’s definitely not essential!).
What a full course, taught by an experienced, qualified practitioner can do is bring the theory in a book to life. Nothing beats sitting with a professional and soaking up their knowledge, practising techniques with them on hand to guide you and asking all your burning questions.

It’s a bit like learning a new language only using a book - it’s just never going to be as effective as having a professional teacher and practising your new skills with their support. Voilà!

Our full Group and Private Hypnobirthing Courses also include

  • Our exclusive and very comprehensive Parent Tribe Pack, full of all the course content

  • Ongoing phone and email support during your pregnancy

  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves

  • Colour and Calmness MP3 to support you practice and relaxation at home

We think this quote from a wonderful client, Emma, answers this questions better than we can!

I’ve read a lot about Hypnobirthing and also had an audio, but having the session with Miriam was a thousand times more effective.
— Emma

I did a Hypnobirthing course during my first/previous pregnancy a few years ago. Do you offer a course to help me brush up on the tools and techniques?

We have lots of clients looking to get back into the Hypnobirthing zone for a subsequent birth.
If you've previously done a full course, whether with us or someone else, then our Refresher Course is ideal.
The 2.5 hour course will be tailored specifically to you.

I'm planning to have a caesarean. Can Hypnobirthing work for me?


If you want your caesarean to be a positive experience then our Positive Caesearan Course, which uses Hypnobirthing, will equip you with all the tools you need to stay calm, relaxed and in control. In fact, our Founder and Hypnobirthing Teacher, Miriam, used her Hypnobirthing during the birth of her second child, who was born via caesarean section. It was this really positive, calm experience that led Miriam to develop this particular private course for those planning a caesarean.

We know that all births, no matter what journey they take, can be positive. If you don't believe us, have a read of some of our clients' incredible caesarean birth stories over on our blog.

Who delivers your courses?

Miriam Greaves is our Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Founder of Parent Tribe.


How much do your courses cost?

We offer a range of birth preparation courses at different prices, from free Taster Sessions, to Group and Private antenatal courses, a course for people planning to have a caesarean, and many more. 

I can't afford to do a course because I'm on a low income. Do you offer any financial support?

Central to everything we do at Parent Tribe is the belief that every woman has the right to a positive birth. That's why we've created UNLMITED and we really proud of it. We offer places on our Group Courses free of charge to those that meet the eligibility criteria.


I really want to do Hypnobirthing, but by birth partner is skeptical. How can I convince them?

We know that Hypnobirthing conjures up all sorts of images and there are lots of misconceptions about what it is and how it works!
However, we can honestly say we’ve lost count of the number of birth partners who've been dragged along to a Hypnobirthing course who then end up leaving the first session saying: “It just makes so much sense!”
We think the best answer to this one is for your birth partner to hear from some other skeptics who we've managed to totally convince...

I was a little sceptical about Hypnobirthing... Just a few minutes into the session with Miriam, I felt calmer, stronger and loads more prepared.
— Ben
I’d been worried about what my role would be in all this. The course gave me loads of practical ways to support my wife during the pregnancy and our baby’s birth.
— Joe

I don't have a birth partner. Can I still do a course?

The short answer is ‘yes’! Absolutely. 
First off, if for whatever reason you do a course on your own, you'll be given a warm welcome so there's no need to feel anxious.
The full course does cover a number of aspects that either focus on the birth partner or involve them in some way. We'll make sure we alter the course content so that you get as much out of the course as everyone else. You can chat to Miriam, our Hypnobirthing Teacher, before the course starts to go through any of your thoughts or concerns about this.

My birth partner can't come to the course. Will it still be useful if I come alone?

Definitely! Many women have come to the course on their own if they have a partner who is away on business, as a single mum, if it’s a second baby and they can’t find a babysitter for their elder child, or any other reason. Just remember that Hypnobirthing works, and you are very welcome, whatever your circumstances.

A really effective way to learn is to share your knowledge with someone else, so you can use our exclusive Parent Tribe Pack - a comprehensive folder with all the details from the course - and share it with your birth partner at home. 


Where do you run your birth preparation courses?

Our courses are run at a really relaxed, comfortable location in Redhill, Surrey.

We have clients from all over the South East of England including Hampshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.

Private courses can be held in the comfort of your own home. 

If you don’t live in the area, we can arrnage for you to do a course remotely via Skype.

I don't live in Surrey. Will you travel to my home for Private Courses?

Please get in touch to discuss this. 

I've got an impairment / disability. Will I be able to access the course?

This is exactly what our free consultation is here for. If you have any specific requirements or needs, then we can chat through these on the phone. We'll do all we can to make reasonable adjustments to the course to ensure that you can fully access it.
We'll work with you to explore all aspects of the course and consider any barriers that we can remove. We won't make any assumptions about your specific requirements, needs or possible adjustments.
By working closely with you, we'll make sure your birth preparation is positive.


We'd love to hear from you.
We know that preparing for birth is one of the most important things you'll ever do, so get in touch and we'll help you prepare for the birth you want. We promise that no question is a silly question!