This private session is designed to help you and your birth partner look forward to your cesarean as a positive birth experience.

(2 hours)


This course was designed by our Founder and Director, Miriam, after an incredibly positive experience with her second child’s unplanned caesarean birth. She found that Hypnobirthing was hugely beneficial during this birth - possibly more so than with her first child’s waterbirth a few years earlier. She set about developing a course that would bring the powerful principles and tangible tools together in the specific setting of a caesarean birth.


The session is two hours and will be scheduled at a home to suit you and your birth partner.


  • Breathing techniques for a calm pregnancy, birth, feeding and beyond

  • Deep relaxation, including the use of visualisations

  • How your birth partner can support you and play an active part in the birth of your baby

  • What options are available for your caesarean birth and how you can incorporate this into your birth preferences/plan

  • How to release fears and negative thoughts you might have about caesareans and develop and maintain a positive mindset for pregnancy and birth

  • How to prepare so that the first few days and weeks of parenthood following a caesarean are positive, relaxed and calm.


  • A comprehensive parent pack to support your practice and refer to after the session

  • Relaxation scripts and worksheets to refer to at home and use during the birth

  • Our ongoing phone and email support throughout your pregnancy. A lot of clients find this invaluable - often more so than they'd imagined. If you are having a bit of a 'wobble'; want some guidance on using some of the techniques; have had a meeting with your midwife and you’d like to chat through what was discussed; or you’d like us to have a look through your birth preferences/birth plan - whatever it may be, you have the comfort of knowing support is there for you. This really elevates the course and makes it much more personal than you might imagine a group course could be.


This private course can be taught in the comfort of your own home or at our venue in Redhill, Surrey. held in a really relaxed space in Redhill, Surrey. This course can also be completed through Skype/Facetime.


Both parents are entitled to 2 x 6.5hrs of time off to attend antenatal appointments, including birth preparation courses such as this.