This course is ideal if you've done a Hypnobirthing course during a previous pregnancy, and want to refocus on the tools, techniques and knowledge for your upcoming birth.

(2.5 hours)


This course is a really effective way to brush up on the Hypnobirthing knowledge you already have.

During your free consultation, we'll chat about the specific areas of the original course you found useful, those you maybe found you clicked with less, and we’ll tailor the session to you and your birth partner’s needs and goals.

The private course is a dedicated space for you explore your fears, plans and expectations around your pregnancy and birth, with tailored tools and methods that can work for you, your birth partner and your baby.

We’ll look at the course content in a way that’s tailored and relevant to you and what you want to gain from the course. A benefit of a private course is you have significant time to share and explore areas that really resonate with you, and areas you feel you’d particularly benefit from.


In addition to the session itself, you’ll also receive our ongoing phone and email support throughout your pregnancy. A lot of clients find this invaluable - often more so than they'd imagined. If you are having a bit of a 'wobble'; want some guidance on using some of the techniques; have had a meeting with your midwife and you’d like to chat through what was discussed; or you’d like us to have a look through your birth preferences/birth plan - whatever it may be, you have the comfort of knowing support is there for you.


The course will be scheduled at a time that suits you and your birth partner.


This private course can be done at our own home, or at our venue in Redhill, Surrey. Alternaitvely, the course can be done online through Skype/Facetime.