How did I find out about Hypnobirthing?

Like many women, when I found out I was pregnant, I turned to the internet.  Never a good idea but it's far too tempting. When I googled 'childbirth' and 'labour', I was confronted by the most horrifying images, blogs, videos, articles - you name it, it's out there!  I couldn't get this sense of fear out of my mind. I doubted my ability to give birth and questioned why the most natural process for a woman to experience was so horribly painful. Women had been doing this for 100s of 1000s of years - why are we still living in an age where it can be unbearable for so many of us. My confidence was slowly diminishing into thin air.  There had to be some other way.  As I scrolled through youTube, I came across a video of a woman in labour looking so relaxed and peaceful. I would go so far as to say that she looked like she was enjoying the process. Yes, seriously!  Her husband was also playing a significant role - they were working together doing some kind of 'ritual' or technique. They were BOTH completely in control - in a hospital environment - and left to get on with birthing their baby.  She gave birth to her first baby in 7 hours.  Yep, I wanted whatever she was having!  This video lead me to the word hypnobirthing and the rest, as they say, is history! I'm so thankful (and relieved) I stumbled across this video. I didn't know anyone that had done hypnobirthing before and so I wasn't going on recommendation, but the more I looked into it, the more I knew it was right for my husband and I. So, I wanted to share this video with you here.

Notice the dim lighting, the relaxed environment, the deep breathing and the way she uses visualisations during each surge.  Her partner works with her during each surge so she remains totally relaxed and in control.  Once she is 10cm dilated, she starts to breath the baby down (not pushing as we know it). It is gentle and in her own time.  She is on all fours on the bed and working WITH gravity, not against it.

I believe she is using the Mongan Method (a hypnobirthing method by Marie Mongan from America).  The hypnobirthing philosophy is pretty much the same across all methods (Mongan method, KG Hypnobirthing, The Wise Hippo, Mindful Mama, Natal Hypnotherapy) but their practice, techniques and tools will be different.  When searching for a method that suits you, it's important you read about all of them and go with YOUR instinct. Not one method is for everyone and that's why it's fantastic that there are options out there for you.  You should also feel comfortable with whoever will be teaching you - it's a very personal experience so a good rapport with your teacher is key.