Let the hypnobirthing journey begin!

When asked 'when should i start hypnobirthing?', I tell my clients to start anytime after 20 weeks. I'm currently 17 weeks and I have been holding off for months to listen to my KG Hypnobirthing CD so I could experience the journey as my Mummies-to-be would. So, what else could I try to get myself feeling relaxed and positive about my pregnancy? Although I had my first meditation class last week, it's not coming all that easily to me and I wanted to do a 'session' lead by a voice in my ear, just as I would when practicing hypnobirthing.  With that in mind, I downloaded the 'Headspace' app as I climbed into bed.  I'd been meaning to download this app for months as so many people have been raving about it.  It's a mobile app with simple mindfulness practice sessions. Of course, it's not quite hypnobirthing but I've been desperate to do some sort of relaxation so I can switch off and take some time out for me...and my growing bump.

That morning, I'd had such an inspiring time teaching a wonderful couple - the mother was 38 weeks pregnant. They were having a home birth for their first child and were so prepared and well informed about everything to do with pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood that I drove home feeling like their calmness, confidence and positivity had really rubbed off on me.  So, when I pulled into my driveway after the class, I decided that now was the time to set out on my own hypnobirthing journey and start practicing relaxation.  It might not be the KG Hypnobirthing I teach but it was a good start for my mind and body!



After listening to a 10 minute session, I certainly felt more relaxed.  However, falling back into deep relaxation as I knew it once before, wasn't as easy or as natural as I thought it would be this time round. With my first pregnancy I would listen to my Hypnobirthing CD religiously. Every evening around 9pm, I would take myself up to bed, put on my eye mask and play the CD. I looked forward to it some evenings and found it a chore on others but eventually it simply became part of my bedtime routine - take make-up off, clean teeth, put PJs on, climb into bed and press play on my phone. After feeling so excited about doing some form of relaxation again after such an inspiring morning, I was quickly reminded of why practice is key to hypnobirthing. My mind quickly wondered to tomorrow's 'to do' list (what was Aniela going to have for lunch, what would we do before nap time, do we need porridge for the morning....I allowed these thoughts to enter my mind and then calmly brought myself back to the words from the app).  My experience of hypnobirthing on a personal level, as well as a teacher, has taught me not to stress about the fact I was thinking about shopping lists or that relaxation wasn't coming as easily to me - I trusted the process and knew the words would be processed by my subconscious with or without my wondering mind!

I was also reminded of the significance that teaching hypnobirthing has on my own life. The words, visualisations and its philosophy are absorbed by my mind on a regular basis. For that reason, I'm going to start trusting in that a little more going forward. I'm in such a fortunate position to be teaching other pregnant women and their partners all about the power of the mind, the power of words and language and the importance of creating your own positive bubble. These teachings are incredibly important to me...and now more than ever!  I'm not saying it's going to be easy - you have to work at it and PRACTICE.   I feel like I'm already on my hypnobirthing journey as my mind is in a really positive, calm and confident place and that's a pretty good place to start!

I look forward to continuing on this journey in a few weeks time when I will start to listen to my hypnobirthing CD.  Until then, I'm off to listen to another mindfulness session before I fit in some much-needed zzzzzzz. x