The Birth Story of Arthur

Our story starts at a routine midwife appointment, about 3 weeks before little Arthur made his appearance. It was my 36 week check and everything was fine, except when we plotted my measurements I was measuring large again, over the 90th percentile, and my midwife had made a brief remark about  the heartbeat location. So, I pressed to go for a scan (more for the growth than anything else and deep down it was just nice to think I would see my little man again!). He had hiccups about 3/4 times a day at this stage and they were always in my pelvis so despite him lying very high, I wasn't concerned that he was breech at all. It was the last thing on my mind, after all, why would I feel hiccups in my pelvis if his head was higher?  (Now that he's here, those hiccups vibrate all the way down so I understand why I felt them where I did!)

The scan was booked for 

22nd December

, by which point I was term at 37+4.  Low and behold, he was breech! No wonder I felt so much pressure on my ribs!!! When we met with the consultant he told me that I would have to have an ECV.  If I declined then I'd be booked in for a caesarean as I would not be able to deliver him naturally. Having learnt hypnobirthing with Miriam, I understood that any procedure would be my choice. We asked for some time to consider what we had been told.  No one was telling me that I was NOT going to do anything.  After all, wasn't it my choice and responsibility to make the best decision on how my baby entered this world? After Dave had grilled the consultant about ECV success rates, risks, benefits (you name it, he asked it), we discussed our options together.  Eventually, we decided against the ECV.  My baby knew best and I didn't want to go through something completely unnatural to achieve something natural. He was happy where he was and I wasn't going to mess with that. Instead, I was going to do everything I could to naturally move him before my scheduled date (5 January).

However, on 27th December

 I suffered with some reduced movements and a scan showed that my water had reduced by over 50% since the previous week's scan. The midwives and doctor decided I was okay to go home but decided to move my c-section forward to 

3rd January.  Meanwhile, 

I was in for daily monitoring.

I practiced my exercises everyday and hoped that he might move, but equally getting very excited about meeting my little man, reassured that we were being monitored each day. I was also able to get the house in complete order all ready to bring him home, which the control freak in me secretly loved!

Sam and her beautiful bump at 39 weeks.

Sam and her beautiful bump at 39 weeks.


3rd January

 eventually arrived and Dave and I set off for East Surrey Hospital at 6.45am, bags packed and all ready to welcome little A into our family! But when we arrived, the midwife was not expecting us until the 5th!! Who knows what had happened but you could only imagine the sinking feeling that set in.  I thought we weren't going to meet our baby that day! The midwife sat us down and told us she would see what she could find out! She returned 

45 minutes later

 and informed us that there was space on the list but there were no beds available. If either of the two women before us had complications then we'd have our baby tomorrow! They didn't have a bed but set us up in the discharge room and admitted me there.

For Dave this was like a red rag to a bull, & he definitely wasn't happy but hypnobirthing came into full force with me at this point. What will be, will be, I remember thinking. As long as it happened, I didn't care where we were.  I tried to instill this in Dave too. We had our final scan to confirm our baby was still breech and the Dr asked if my waters had broken. They couldn't find any and were looking a bit concerned. I strongly believe this is why we were able to have our baby safely on this day, as although he was fine, they weren't happy.

We were then moved to the recovery room where they had a bed and some privacy for us.  However, as timed ticked on, I remember getting slightly more anxious that it wouldn't happen.  At around 12.15pm the nurse came in and asked us if we wanted to go through and have our baby - that moment was very surreal. Of course, you didn't need to ask me twice!! At 12.30pm we walked through into theatre! The caesarean started at 12.59pm and by 


 my gorgeous Arthur was born and my world was complete! A moment like no other.  I couldn't believe my body had grown him for nine months.

Together at last.

Together at last.

Dave was my complete rock in theatre, especially considering he hated hospitals beforehand. The midwife and nurse talked us through everything that was happening so we felt completely informed and totally empowered by our choices and our son's birth. Skin-to-skin with Arthur was so important afterwards. There are little words to describe this moment or experience, it's as individual and personal as we all are but I remember being just totally overwhelmed with love for my new little family...& continue to be everyday as I watch my little man grow and change.

Gorgeous little Arthur.

Gorgeous little Arthur.