The Birth Story of Finley

I wanted to share with you how we experienced the birth and put your support and advice of hypnobirthing into practice...

My surges started at about


on Saturday 18th March and, given I was 40+7 by then, I was quite relieved as was starting to resign myself to some sort of artificial start the following week.  I pretty much tracked them all day and they were regular and continuous (apart from when I occasionally fell asleep) but increased in intensity from


ish until I went to the birthing unit at about


that night.  Given I'd had some strong Braxton Hicks during the previous week and some practice surges a week or so before, it was really helpful to be aware of and experience the 'drawing up' of the muscles to know that this time it was going to be for real!  I really tried to stay mobile - took a walk and used the birthing ball A LOT.  I also listened to the 'Statements for an Empowering Birth' in and out of the bath which helped to keep me focused.


I felt organised and confident as I knew the baby had been in a good position for quite a few weeks and was very low.  We had our bags packed, including a small kit bag for labour and I started on the 5 Flower Remedy and lavender oil right away.  I think having a selection of tasks to busy myself with really helped with pain management.  I was 5cms dilated when I went to the hospital which I was pretty proud about as had been told on the phone that I was still likely to be in early labour and 'not to bring my bags up' as I would more than likely be going home again!

They found my blood pressure to be very high, no doubt as a result of being a week overdue and having managed contractions all day, so they broke my waters to get things started.  I have to say that my midwife was absolutely great and helped me make the right choices to ensure I didn't get too tired, could manage the sensation effectively and most importantly, safely deliver Finley.

I was in established labour for 10 hours and for the majority of that time I felt very comfortable and confident that things were progressing and moving in the right direction.  Tom said that he found it to be quite a calm experience apart from a blip at the end when I didn't fully dilate and Finley forced his way into the world (at a sizeable 8lbs10)!

And here he is!

And here he is!

All in all it was quite an adventure!  Soft lighting, music and quiet conversation were all respected.  My blood pressure meant that I didn't make it to the birthing pool but I would say that the experience did otherwise deliver on my birth plan as I felt able to respond to labour as it unfolded and keep things fluid from my perspective.  So, in summary, just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for all things hypnobirthing.  We're adjusting to life as a threesome and it was good to have met you along the way!