What did this former Midwife think of our Hypnobirthing course...?

Jen was previously a Midwife, and then she freelanced as a maternity nurse. She's now a Lactation Consultant and Gentle Sleep Solutions Coach, and is due to give birth soon. She's just completed our Group Course in Surrey, so we asked her how she found the course having come from a midwifery background... "My name is Jen Fox and I've just completed Miriam's Hypnobirthing Course and I loved it! I thought it was amazing.

My background was midwifery, and then I was a maternity nurse freelancing in people's homes for many years. Then I trained up as a Lactation Consultant, and then a Gentle Sleep Solution Coach, so I work with mums and babies all the time and I have been absolutely amazed by the difference the Hypnobirthing course has made to me and how I feel.

At the start of my journey, I had all this lovely medical knowledge and plenty of hands-on experience with mums and babies, and I was a little bit fearful, I've got to be honest, of birthing. I had lots of lovely births in my mind from the midwifery experience but I also had some quite challenging negative experiences locked in my brain, and I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve my positive, calm birth and what tools I could use other than the basic breathing tools but, you know, after going through the Hypnobirthing sessions, I have loads of tools now. I feel really positive, really excited actually, and I can't wait to get started. It's made a massive difference, so I'd recommend it to anyone."

Huge thanks to Jen for sharing her thoughts on our course. We hope to visit Jen again once she's had her baby to find out how she used everything she learnt to not only support her during her pregnancy, but the birth as well. Jen is planning to have a home birth and we can't wait to hear how she gets on!