16 weeks - yes, you're pregnant!

I'm almost 16 weeks(ish) and as crazy as this sounds, I'm really starting to feel pregnant now! Although I've had all the excitement and love for my baby growing inside me for the last 15 weeks, I'm really slowing down (mentally, not physically!!) and taking stock of this incredible process that is happening to mine and my baby's bodies. So what's happened to create this subtle shift? Aniela finally started walking this week ...I mean properly walking everywhere....so she feels a little bit more like the big sister. She's not a crawling baby anymore (weep weep). She has also been poking my tummy button lots - call it coincidence but I have no doubt that babies have an intuition to things like this and Aniela is no fool!! Whatever the reason, it's a beautiful thing and makes me want to cry with happiness each time she lifts my top up and enquires about what's beneath! I thought I felt a little flutter the other day but I'm not sure - that in itself made me so excited about feeling the baby all the time. Now I know what to expect - it's the most wonderful privilege us women get to experience and I can't wait.  All these subtle experiences are really making me open my eyes to the miracle that is happening in my body.

I'm really starting to enjoy being pregnant.  I'm trying to be more 'in the moment' as much as possible. It's so important. Life is so hectic and busy with my beautiful 1 year old - a lot crazier than it was when I was pregnant the first time. My job was hectic and the long commute took its toll but I had moments in the day or the weekend to sit and just 'be' - to relax, reflect, write a diary, go to the gym, make phone calls to friends, reply to texts, listen to music, take time for me. A year later and it's much harder, if not impossible, to take time out and reflect on what's happening in my life.  This lead me to booking my first meditation course yesterday. I went to the first class tonight and it was wonderful. A full hour of concentrating on nothing but my breathing and my body. I feel relaxed and calm and have a clear mind right now. Why have I not discovered this sooner? Hypnobirthing opened my eyes to the power of the mind and the effects of relaxation techniques. Meditation, however, really helps to clear the mind and just be in the now. I must practice every day - it can only have a positive effect on my baby as well as Aniela and those around me.

I can't wait to go through this pregnancy more aware of my mind and how my thoughts can effect my body and wellbeing.

Here's to a positive pregnancy!