Preparing for a home birth


Here are my top tips for preparing for a home birth with a birth pool

#1:Buy in advance - at approximately 35 weeks pregnant is ideal.

#2:Test run. You or, more likely, your birth partner don't want to be reading the instructions for the first time when you're in labour! #3: Create privacy. Just as hypnobirthing emphasises, creating a space you feel calm and safe in is key to a positive birth. You're unlikely to want your neighbours watching you give birth, so think ahead about where you're going to put your birth pool. You might need to make a few adjustments, like adding a blind, to create privacy. #4: Get in and relax ahead of the birth.

If you're considering a home birth, chat to your midwife, who'll be able to help you decide whether it's right for you and your baby. My local Home Birth Team at East Surrey Hospital are keen to support more women to have home births, so if you're in the area, get in touch with them.

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