Real Health Radio: My first podcast interview!

Real Health Radio Podcast Interview

I met Chris Sandel, from Seven Health and host of Real Health Radio, when he and his partner did my Group Hypnobirthing Course. Chris got it touch after the course to say he'd really enjoyed it, and would I like to be interviewed on his health and nutrition podcast. I jumped at the chance to spread the word about Hypnobirthing and all-things positive birth.

Chris is a brilliant host! Given his professional background in health, nutrition, psychology and how they all interact, as well as his new found knowledge of Hypnobirthing, Chris was also a very well informed host. He managed to bring his own experience (so far!) of Hypnobirthing and the power of the mind to influence behaviour and wellbeing to the interview.

In the interview, I talk about what Hypnobirthing is, how and why it works, as well as my experiences of pregnancy and birth, and my own challenges with food and an eating disorder. Chris shares some of his favourite parts of the Hypnobirthing Course and it was really interesting to hear which parts stuck in his mind.

The wonderful SASH Maternity, Milli Hill and The Positive Birth MovementKG Hypnobirthing, my old workplace, Donmar Warehouse, 59E59, and UNLIMITED - our scheme that offers free Group Hypnobirthing Courses to those in need of a bit of support, also all get a mention!

As he talks about in the podcast, Chris even came along to a PBM group by himself to soak up even more birthing positivity. It's fair to say, he and his partner are preparing brilliantly for their baby's birth!

You can catch the start of the interview from 3min 30sec, but don't skip straight to it...!

Chris kicks this episode off by talking about his professional services that focus on understanding food in the context of people's lives and how this can be used to improve health. He only takes on clients two times a year and he's currently taking clients on. So if you're interested in this more broadly, maybe there's a specific issue you're working on such as fertility and you're looking for ways to use nutrition to help with this, Chris is your man!

You can listen to the podcast on Chris' website, on your phone's podcast app or below.

Happy listening!

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