Natural Washing Detergent is better for you. Simple!

We're all getting a lot more conscious about the foods we eat and the toxins we have in our home but did you know that regular washing detergents are one of the biggest toxic substances which we're using at home and wearing on our skin. Natural washing detergent is better for you. Simple. Here's why:

No artificial fragrances

Regular detergent typically includes chemical fragrances in their ingredients and these typically include 100+ chemicals that are not tested for safety and are mixed into the product and casually labeled as "fragrances". Using a natural laundry detergent with essential oils not only creates a natural scent, it also has benefits such as being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and having calming emotional effects.

No sulphates

Sulphates are typically used to be a surfactant in the detergent. Sulphates are bad for your skin. It causes dryness and redness to your skin and can be an eye irritation. It comes in many forms and can be identified as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (Sodium laureth sulfate), Coco Sulphate.

No brighteners

To make clothes colour more vivid, chemicals are used and remain on clothes to absorb UV light to help clothes look brighter. These chemicals include naphthotriazolystilbenes, benzoxazolyl, diaminostilbenedisulfonate, and more which are hormonal disruptors in humans. Using a natural detergentis not only gentle on the skin but also gentle on the fabric, hence helping to preserve the colours longer.

No fabric softener

Manufacturers used silicone base or derivatives of amine groups chemicals to create lubricants to wrap the fabric, hence, giving the impression of fabric softening. What is little known is that these chemical softeners may cause irritant dermatitis.

No bleach

We often use bleach to get rid of tough stains and make whites brighter. However, bleach is really toxic. It is caustic and "burns" your skin.  Natural laundry detergent does not rely on such strong toxic chemicals to whiten and/or get rid of stains. DoTERRA's essential oils clean thoroughly and effectively.

Go natural, keep safe.

Since my son was born under two years ago, he has suffered with dairy and wheat intolerances, allergies and eczema. It has been a long journey but, since being introduced to doTERRA, I have totally turned my family's health around in a simple, safe and effective way.  A lot of that is down to reducing the toxins in our home. Whilst researching about allergies and eczema, I was shocked by the toxic load in our everyday products. Now, I never buy a skincare or cleaning product anymore. I stick to the basics - spending money on quality ingredients that I can use in lots of different recipes. They moisturisers, shampoos and cleaning products I was buying had so much fragrance in them - I started to really hate the synthetic "lavender" or "white cotton" smell.  I then realised that what I thought was a natural detergent was actually still full of toxic nastiness - aka fragrance. So, I looked up a fantastic recipe by the awesome Ange Peters aka Hol:Fit (her daughter suffered with eczema so she turned to doTERRA) and I've never looked back.

Use the same amount of detergent you would use normally for a load (about 120ml)

Cost Breakdown:

  • 235ml Castile Soap = £7.69 (based on Dr Bronners)

  • 8oz Baking soda = £1.47

  • 3oz Coarse salt = £0.31

  • 20 drops of doTERRA essential oil = £1.90

  • TOTAL = £11.37 for about 60 loads

Cost Comparison:

  • ECover Non-bio laundry detergent costs at least £17.50 to do the same amount of loads.

    1. The average home does 350 loads/yr so making your own would cost you you £68.22/year. For the same amount of washing using ECover would cost £105/year.

The convenience of making this at home (it takes minutes to do!) and the fact it's safe on skin, especially sensitive skin, is a brilliant incentive to start making your own. I've been using this for a few weeks now and I'm so pleased with the results - I have a very messy 21 month old who loves his raspberries and playing out in the mud and a 3 year old who loves her arts and crafts! I need something that works quickly and this is it.

Which oils to use?

I love to use 10 drops of Citrus Bliss + 10 drops of On Guard.  Citrus Bliss smells beautiful - clean, refreshing and uplifting - and On Guard is the protective blend so it will get to work on any bacteria and dirt.  You can also use Lavender + Peppermint, Purify Blend or Lemongrass or Lemon.

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