BIRTH STORY: "Hypnobirthing taught me how to trust my body"

After an ‘ok’ birth first time round, looking back on it, I realised that I felt completely out of control through the whole experience and decided that this time would be different, so I joined a  group Parent Tribe Hypnobirthing course. I hoped it would broaden my knowledge and choices. Which it did. I went into this pregnancy and labour feeling confident, aware of what might happen, my choices and how to handle different situations. Basically, I was excited and confident about our big day!

I was over due, but knew that this was ok as I trusted my body and baby that they knew when they were ready. I refused sweeps and an induction date and felt good for it. I was comfortable, and baby was in no distress.

I had a slight feeling on Sunday night that tomorrow was going to be the day and when I woke at 5am I was right. It started off with slight twinges which I was able to carry on through. During the morning we went for a walk, and I prepared things around the house whilst waiting for my partner's Mum to come and look after my son, Riley.

By 10am things were picking up and we decided to go to the hospital. I let the midwife know I was practising Hypnobirthing and she was great. I opted to be checked to see how things were progressing as I wanted to know. Our midwife was very happy to let me carry on doing whatever I felt I needed to do. I decided that being outside and active was better for me, so we left the hospital and walked around the grounds and down to the shop.

Being able to be in the fresh air and walking really helped my body to relax and do what it needed to do. The breathing exercises and visualisations were just brilliant to get me through and I also used doTERRA lavender essential oils on a favourite hanky.

When I felt the pressure change I knew it was time to go back and get into the birthing pool. We had battery candles, peppermint and wild orange essential oils on a different hanky, my relaxing classical piano music and soft coloured lights. It didn’t take long for my body to start pushing in the pool, and with the breathing exercises helping, my baby naturally came down and out into the pool where I caught him and held him to me. I felt so relaxed that my body and baby were working together, that I forgot all about the gas and air and had a perfect delivery, which for me was drug free and minimal help. The midwife completely left me to it, I barely knew she was there (but enough to know I wasn’t alone if anything went wrong). We then had our hour of skin-to-skin before anything else was done. No one touched or held him at all, it was incredible. The placenta delivered itself not too long after without the need for the injection.

For me, this was a whole other experience to my first born and I know it was because the hypnobirthing course had taught me how to trust my body and work with it rather than against it in labour.

My baby, Rory, arrived at 1:48pm weighing 9lbs6oz.

I know that things could have gone very differently but I truly believe that if that had been the case, the hypnobirthing would have helped me come to those decisions with a clear view and a chance to think more clearly.

I can’t believe I’m one of those people who have what they believe to be an amazing labour. I never thought that was even a thing. “Labour is called labour for a reason” and no amount of prep can make it enjoyable is what I had previously thought before doing Miriam's course. However, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the birth of my son and have such happy memories of that day. This is such a contrast to the birth of my first born.

One very happy, converted momma! Thank you so much Miriam!