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GUIDE TO: Caesarean Births - What to Expect, How to Prepare & Recover

Whether you’re preparing for a caesarean birth or not, this is a blog post you won’t want to miss. With 1 in 3 women having a caesarean, or abdominal birth as we like to call it, isn’t it about time we started preparing ALL women with tips on how to prepare, what to expect and recovery?

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BIRTH STORY: Jack's Calm and Comfortable Home Birth

Danielle’s birth experience is one that all pregnant women and birth partners should read. She got herself really informed during pregnancy. She used Hypnobirthing to prepare not just her body, but also her mind for birth. On the day, she felt listened to, respected and in control. Danielle shared that her contractions/surges were never painful. That’s not to say she didn’t work blimin’, but she just had some amazing tools to help her when she needed them! Read on to find out what those tools were.

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What is Positive Birth?

What makes a positive birth? Read why our courses set women and birth partners up to have a positive experience no matter what journey their baby’s birth may take.

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What did this former Midwife think of our Hypnobirthing course...?
Why We Offer Free Antenatal Classes in Surrey

We offer places on our Group Antenatal Hypnobirthing Classes in Surrey for free, and we always will.

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