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Orla's birth at 42 weeks

If your baby hasn't arrived on his/her 'due date', an induction is generally proposed quite soon afterwards. It is important to remember that it is your decision but sadly, many women simply aren’t aware that they have a choice. Here, Laura shares with us why she declined induction three times and went on to have a beautiful (and quick!) birth with her second child. This is one empowered woman you will want to hear from!

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Peggy's Positive Home Birth

We were so excited to see Hannah’s birth story up on her blog that we just had to share it with you. Hannah and Mark completed a Parent Tribe group course and decided to have a home birth after doing lots of research and talking to their homebrith team. This Mama didn’t believe she was in labour even though she was pretty far on! With a lot of relaxation, a positive mindset and some football thrown in for good measure (!) this Mama had the most beautiful positive birth. A few hours later the three of them were tucked up in their own beds eating pizza! Read on for the full story…

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