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Jack's Pain-Free Home Birth

Danielle’s birth experience is one that all pregnant women and birth partners should read. The reason we love this birth story so much is because this Mama got herself really informed during pregnancy and prepared, not just her body, but her mind for birth too using hypnobirthing. On the day, she felt listened to, respected and in control - such key elements for any birth. She goes on to describe how her contractions/surges were never painful. That’s not to say she didn’t work blimin’ hard to bring her baby into the world, but she just had some amazing tools to help her when she needed them! Read on to find out what those tools were.

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Peggy's Positive Home Birth

We were so excited to see Hannah’s birth story up on her blog that we just had to share it with you. Hannah and Mark completed a Parent Tribe group course and decided to have a home birth after doing lots of research and talking to their homebrith team. This Mama didn’t believe she was in labour even though she was pretty far on! With a lot of relaxation, a positive mindset and some football thrown in for good measure (!) this Mama had the most beautiful positive birth. A few hours later the three of them were tucked up in their own beds eating pizza! Read on for the full story…

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