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We are incredibly proud of the work we do and the impact it has on our client’s lives. To be invited into people’s lives at such an important time is always such an honour. Hearing how our courses have genuiney supported them to have a positive birth and, very often, transformed their outlook and experience of pregnancy and birth is wonderful.

We now feel so much more positive, confident and excited about the birth of our baby. Miriam is the best Hypnobirthing teacher you could possibly ever ask for! I felt so scared about the thought of giving birth before this course, but now both myself and my husband feel we have enough tools to practice for a calm empowering birth experience.
— Alison, Group Course

Surprisingly, my husband has changed his opinion and got on board straight away! I cannot recommend Miriam enough with her very reassuring attitude and very positive personality
— Kasia, Group Course

I can honestly say that Miriam has not only given us a mass of confidence in being able to achieve our perfect birth, she is also a font of all knowledge - helping with other ‘baby decisions’. I would probably go so far as to say the experience with her has changed our lives. We now view things in a different way and approach things completely differently.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are an extraordinary teacher and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone.
— Laura-Jane, Private Course

The course was fantastic. I left every session feeling relaxed and positive. It helped me to build confidence and trust that my body could do this.

When the surges started, I felt ready and calm. I used the breathing techniques the whole way through the labour - they kept me focussed and tuned into my body...I managed the labour without any pain relief at all, which really did surprise me!!

I am so glad that I did the Hypnobirthing course with Miriam. She is a great teacher - calm, reassuring and passionate. Thank you Miriam!
— Sarah, Group Course

Miriam listened to our fears and gave my husband the tools he needed to be as involved as he could -he’s a different man now!

Miriam filled us with so much confidence and reassured us with the ability to plan for the birth we wanted. I delivered our daughter at home without any pain relief and we had the most amazing experience.

The Hypnobirthing didn’t just help in labour. It was a useful relaxation tool before and after the birth, too, and especially while establishing breastfeeding, and coping with a toddler.

I can honestly say that without Miriam’s support and knowledge we would not have been informed or confident enough to plan for the birth we wanted, and I would not have embraced the feeling and intensity of the surges without the use of Hypnobirthing. We cannot recommend Miriam enough!
— Lizzie, Private Course

Miriam is lovely, very professional and passionate about Hypnobirthing, whilst also friendly and so approachable. The course content was tailored to our specific needs and wants, and lots of ongoing support available afterwards. Thank you!
— Nicola, Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

Miriam was absolutely brilliant at tailoring a Hypnobirthing session for me and my husband. We had already done quite a lot of preparation but I felt I needed a little bit extra and to focus on scripts and affirmations. I felt comfortable and relaxed working with Miriam and even when my birth plan was changing in the week leading up to the birth due to health reasons she was an incredible support to me. I used all of the hypnobirthing techniques on the day and am so grateful for Miriam’s ongoing support, guidance and friendship.
— Clare, Group Course

My husband and I attended Miriam’s Hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of our first child. The course was so well run and we learnt so much. Miriam was so welcoming and really helped us feel confident in our birth choices and plan. Our son was delivered by c-section and, thanks to Miriam, it was calm and gentle. I can genuinely say I enjoyed labour and the birth. Thank you
— Laura, Group Course

Miriam Greaves is a wonderful, positive, calm teacher who is passionate about helping people to feel relaxed and in control of their own birthing experience. Highly recommend.
— Julia, Private Course

The course was great and definitely dispelled any thoughts about Hypnobirthing being a bit hippyish, particularly from my husband. It all makes perfect sense! Miriam is a great teacher and very passionate about everyone having a positive birth experience. Not just mothers, but birth partners, too. It’s also great to know that Miriam is at the end of a phone or email for any little wobbles between now and the birth of our baby. I’d definitely recommend the course.
— Cara, Group Course

Miriam helped us to have a most amazing birth without needing any pain relief at all, despite having a medically necessary, early term induction. On paper it should have been not great - but it was. It was a great reminder how, with Hypnobirthing, you can really create your own positive happy place in your mind and body, regardless of the circumstances.
— Heidi, Private Course

I thoroughly recommend everyone who is expecting a baby (including a birthing partner) to attend a Taster Session or, better still, a course. As my daughter’s birthing partner I found it so helpful and assuring. The relaxation bits were amazing too. Miriam’s delivery was wonderful.
— Debbie, birth partner, Taster Session

I was so anxious ahead of the birth of my second child, having found it a difficult experience the first time. With less than a week to go, Miriam totally turned things around.

I was a little sceptical about Hypnobirthing - I had tried it before but it hadn’t clicked. Just a few minutes into the session with Miriam I felt calmer and stronger. I knew I would be induced on a labour ward and was resigned to it being a medicalised process, but Miriam gave me lots of great ideas about how we could create a calm and positive environment and remain in control of our experience. She even found visualisations that would appeal to me, which I actually used - amazing as I didn’t think that aspect of Hypnobirthing was for me.

The birth of my second child was a much, much more positive experience and I cannot thank Miriam enough for her role in that.
— Megan, Hypnobirthing Introduction

Me and my husband did an Intro to Hypnobirthing session with Miriam back in December when I was around 37 weeks pregnant (so if you’re thinking you’ve left it too late to practise Hypnobirthing, trust me, you haven’t!). I’d read a lot about Hypnobirthing and also had an audiobook, but having the one session with Miriam was a thousand times more effective in helping us understand the logic behind Hypnobirthing and how it could work for us. I think that’s because Miriam took the time to listen to why we were there and tailored the session to us, teaching us techniques for getting through surges/contractions.

Miriam helped us understand that there’s no ‘right’ way to practise Hypnobirthing, it’s about using the bits that can work for you. I went on to have the waterbirth that I wanted and I really believe what we learned with Miriam played a part in that.
— Emma, Hypnobirthing Introduction Session

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