There are lots of misconceptions about Hypnobirthing out there, and we know that it can put some people off, but stick with us while we explain what it’s really all about.

Hypnobirthing is not something only ‘alternative’ people do. It doesn’t involve you being hypnotised and being in a weird trance. In fact, a woman is at her most alert when she is giving birth. When you use Hypnbirthing you are completely in control, able to chat and are aware of your surroundings. You can experience birth in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, safe in the knowledge that your body is designed perfectly and knows what to do. Hypnobirthing is mainstream. It works. And it can be incredibly powerful in helping you have the pregnancy and birth you want.


After nine long months of waiting, the birth of your baby should be a day you look forward to with excitement, confidence and a sense of calm. Lots of the women we meet are anxious about giving birth. Some are terrified, and some women don’t want to get pregnant because they are so scared of giving birth. Sadly, in our culture, we have loaded our minds with negative images and stories of childbirth through TV, films and the birth stories we hear.

Here’s why we need to get rid of that fear: Fear releases the hormone adrenaline, which slows, and can ultimately halt, the progress of birth. When we are able to release fear and tension, our bodies produce endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormones. These hormones inhibit the production of adrenaline and stress hormones, allowing you to achieve a more comfortable, often shorter, birth for you and your baby. When you give birth without fear of the process, it makes it easier for your body to perform as it is designed to. It also enables you to stay calm and make decisions from a rational perspective, rather than from a highly emotional, often panicked state. Knowledge, information and feeling supported and heard by your caregivers are also key elements to having a positive birth. However, all this is not a given – you have to set yourself up beforehand and build a solid foundation. Hypnobirthing gives you all this and more.

Through Hypnobirthing, you’ll learn how to do this by first reframing birth and understanding what your body will be doing during this time. Then, through really practical relaxation and breathing techniques, you’ll learn how to work in harmony with your body and your baby. Our courses give you and your birth partner practical skills to use during birth, as well as throughout pregnancy and even post-birth.

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With Hypnobirthing, you can have a calm and gentle birth for you, your baby and your birth partner. A baby who enters the world alert, greeted by a mother who is also alert, confident and calm, starts life and forms its first relationships in the world in the best possible way. This is the blueprint for the relationships your baby forms throughout its life and the significance of this cannot be overestated. Other benefits include:

  • A relaxed and happy mother produces endorphins that pass through to her baby, rather than stress hormones

  • Many Hypnobirthing babies are reported to be calmer after birth

  • They often feed better and put on weight quickly

  • They frequently sleep through the night earlier and are more settled

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Hypnobirthing is suitable for both first time parents and those that already have children. It can help you if you are scared of birth because you have never done it before, if you’re anxious because of a difficult experience last time, or if you just want a calmer, easier, birth experience where you’re in control. It can not only makes a difference to your experience of birth, it can also have a profound effect on your pregnancy and post-natal period. Benefits for the mother can include:

  • Reduced the need for medication

  • Reduced risk of perineal tearing or the need for an episiotomy

  • On average, a shorter labour and birthing

  • Significantly fewer surgical births and fewer instrumental deliveries

  • A high rate of success in assisting breech-presented babies to turn into the appropriate birth position

  • Increased ability to bond and connect with your baby during pregnancy

  • Increased confidence and knowledge when dealing with medical staff and you will, therefore, feel more in control

  • Releasing fears and tension about childbirth

  • Feeling more energised, positive and in good spirits following a calm and gentle birth

  • Techniques up your sleeve to help calm and relax you and your baby, no matter what the circumstance

  • If your birth does have special circumstance requiring assistance from medical professionals, Hypnobirthing enables you and your partner to feel calmer and more confident when deciding to have an assisted birth.

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We see time and time again the relief increased confidence of birth partners when they realise how much Hypnobirthing can enable them to become an active and informed part of the pregnancy birthing process, rather than feeling like a bit of helpless onlooker. Through Hypnobirthing, birth partners will:

  • Learn how to work with the mother to help them both stay calm, focused and relaxed

  • Tangible tools and techniques that they can use during pregnancy and birth, making them an incredible support to the mother

  • Understand what’s happening to the mother during birth and help her make informed choices

  • They will be an active part of the birth and, as a result, will feel empowered and emotionally connected to both the mother and baby